Happy Life List: 10 Things That Make Me Smile

I have seen a lot of sad stories in the news and on Facebook today. I just wanted to share some happy things with you, so here is a list of 10 things that always make me smile.

1. The way my prince says these words: Shoes, Please, Onyx, Go, Amen

2. The way my husband winks at me

3. That my mom thinks I am amazing

The dedication in my mom's book

4. The way my husband's family acts like I've always been part of the family

5. The way my daddy still calls me his little girl

6. That my little boy says mama in the sweetest voice ever!

7. My husband's hugs

8. My pups

9. My little prince saying his alphabet

10. The sense of accomplishment, whether big or small

So, that's my happy life list- what is on yours?

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  1. Awesome feelings!! Sometimes very small things makes us happy and bring smile on our face and that is called as life!!how to increase happiness