Geniuses Among Us: Cuppow!

As you guys can tell from my blog design, I LOVE mason jars. I always have and always will. I love that they can be reused for a variety of things. I have recently discovered a product that will take reusing mason jars to the next level!

Cuppow! is now among my favorite products EVER! I never have to buy another travel mug, which makes me oh so happy.  Cuppow retails for $7.99 which is amazing when you happen to have a gorgeous mason or ball jar on hand. You can even do what I did and add a cup wrap to add to the insulating powers of glass. I actually received both sizes of Cuppow! ( The original and wide-mouth variety.) I also had my mother-in-law and mother test out Cuppow, and they loved it just as much as I do. The beauty of it is that the lid is specially designed to fit under the rim of the jar and there is even a slot large enough for a straw to go through without spilling it all over yourself when not using a straw.

Is this not just the coolest product ever?!? I cannot wait to see what they come out with in the future! This project has inspired me to plan a whole series on how amazing mason jars are, with a huge giveaway. Make sure you are following me to get the news on this! I am going to leave you with some Cuppow! Pinspiration!
Source: via Katrina on Pinterest

Source: via Karin on Pinterest

What is your favorite product to make the most use out of your mason jars?

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