Geniuses Among Us: Beauty Box 5

I stumbled on a beautiful and friendly site not too long ago. This is a genius concept. I had seen things like this around, but was kind of skeptical. I mean, seriously, who wants to spend $12 bucks a month to get samples? Then I found out who-- ME! Beauty Box 5 is really amazing!

After emailing customer support to ask some questions, I was given an an amazing opportunity to work with them. I like what I have seen and will use this service. This is my why:

The customer service is amazing and believe it or not, these are useful size samples- not like what you get out of a magazine or in a drug store. They are also quality boutique products. I didn't have to worry about cheap products giving me a rash or anything. 

The sample sizes are big enough to truly gauge if you would benefit from the product. In fact, a couple of my samples seemed like they were non-trial size. 

I fell in love with every product, but I don't want to dwell on these amazing items:

I want to actually discuss my experience. 

Something rather odd happened- every item that was actual makeup went with my skin tone. This is weird because I didn't fill out a questionnaire. I also have to watch what colors I wear because my skin is light, my eyes are green, and my hair is very dark. Yet, every item they sent me was flattering. 

If there is a product that you absolutely have to have, you can go to there site and order it there. I love things that make life easier. 

 The branding is absolutely beautiful- I love that color and it makes me happy when I see it. Which means- when I open my mailbox and see it there, I smile. I also adore the thank you note that comes with it! 

Everyone needs something to look forward to every month- why not let it be makeup!

In these photos, I am wearing items from the Beauty Box 5 kit. The only items that are from my own collection are my black eyeliner, my purple eyeliner, and my powder foundation. I am wearing the Becca eye tint, blinc mascara, and girl friday blush!

I am in love with this service and cannot wait to get my next box.

Disclaimer: I did receive a box free of charge, but all opinions are my own and I will receive them in the future by my own purchase. 


  1. I subscribe to a similar service called birchbox. They cost $10 a month and I look forward to their samples! I'll have to check out beautybox, too.

  2. I was surprised at the size of the samples! I'll have to try out birchbox and compare them. Thanks for visiting me!