15 Quick and Easy Toddler Lunches Plus Make Lunch Fun

The little prince fights through lunch time and when he does sit still and eat lunch it ends up being either a cheese sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich. I have had luck with left over dinner, but that is not always feasible. I have been on a hunt for things he will eat, that are easy and healthy. Peanut butter or cheese sandwiches are always the go to on rough days, but here are my ideas. These ideas are to be paired with fruit or veggies as well. I hope these work for you, I am introducing these lunches gradually.

  1. Egg Salad. He doesn't eat it on bread, so I give him crackers to go with it. 
  2. Tuna Salad with crackers or veggie chips
  3. Turkey slices, cheese, tomato (cubed with FunBites)
  4. Hummus and crackers 
  5. Waffles or French toast and a banana
  6. Pasta and Tomato Sauce (I cook the pasta ahead of time and then heat it with tomato sauce)
  7. Make small pizzas out of bread, a pita, or bagel. To do this, just spread some tomato sauce, cheese, and anything else your child likes on the bread, pita, or bagel. Then, Just pop it in the oven to toast it and melt the cheese. My mom used to do this for me as an after school snack.
  8. Deli Meat and Cheese wraps cut to resemble sushi. Healthy spreads like hummus can even be used in these. 
  9. Peanut butter and jelly pancakes (with leftover pancakes from breakfast)
  10. Using the pasta made ahead of time, make a cold pasta salad. Just add whatever you have on hand, a little lemon juice, and mix together. 
  11. Make a "homemade" Lunchable. Use a divided plate (they make everything more fun) and gather things similar to your little one's favorite Lunchable. 
  12. Grilled cheese baked instead of fried.
  13. English muffin toasted with peanut butter, hummus, or cream cheese. You could even toast it with cheese or make a regular sandwich out of it. 
  14. Fresh Veggies cubed mixed with cubed cheese and throw in some beans. 
  15. Leftovers are always easy and usually healthier than a sandwich.
It also helps to make things cute with food coloring, cookie cutters, or this amazing product:

FunBites may be one of the most genius child food preparation products I have ever used! 

Buy One of Each!

FunBites comes in two designs and makes getting kids excited about eating easier. What do kids love more than food their size? 

When I first used this on the prince's lunch, he actually sat and ate his entire lunch without fussing or trying to get up and play. He kept picking up the little cubes, looking at me with a sweet smile on his face and saying "baby." His lunch now usually consists of something cut into cubes. 

I have been wanting to try out kabobs since the prince loves his grill toy, but I honestly didn't want to cut all those things by hand, but now I can! I am going to explore toddler kabobs, I just have to figure out what to put them on. 

I think this is a genius product and is much easier than cutting it into cubes ourselves. 

The only thing about the product is that because it is all plastic, cutting takes a little patience, but I'm okay with that. Because it is all plastic, when the little guy gets older, I can let him do it himself. I love things that can little by little teach him to be independent. 

FunBites.com has a gallery of lunch ideas- I love getting inspiration. 

I love that I can now turn his lunch into artwork, and cannot wait to see what else FunBites come up with as amazing shapes. 

They retail for $12.99 on Funbites.com and there is even a special. If you buy both, they are $22.00 for the set.

My verdict: Definitely worth it and adds a huge fun factor to lunch!

Disclaimer: I received the product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Thanks for the great lunch tips! It's such a challenge to get my toddler to eat anything much less something good for him.

  2. You are welcome - I'm glad you enjoyed them. Do toddlers hold secret meeting to learn new ways of not eating?

    Thanks for visiting, I'll have more recipes and tips up soon, so be sure to come back!