Whirlwind Weeks

My last couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I have been unbelievably busy- but I enjoyed them immensely! Here is what I have been up to. 

The Prince played A LOT!

I made yummy pumpkin muffins

His and Hers are weaned

Mom and I were on TV promoting her book (more on that later) and my brother got to babysit the little man for me. He adores his uncle! (Of course, his uncle adores him too)

The prince had his House Party Fisher Price Play Date- It was so much fun and I promise there will be multiple posts dedicated to this. 

 Birthday Pop-tarts on his birthday!

 He loves rocks- I love play clothes

The Prince turned 2- 
he is growing entirely too fast. 
Somebody please tell me where the pause button is!

Look what I won from Gabriela at Living La Vida Normal. I just adore her and that girl is skilled. Also, I love peppers. These bags match my cookbook. I have a special plan for them I will share with you when I complete it! 

These weeks were crazy but I was so happy to spend time with my mom and for her to spend time with the prince. I hate that he doesn't get to see her much, but she is really good at making her time with him count. I also loved seeing my baby brother- he recently moved to Florida to be near her and get out of the small town life. I personally love my small town life, but when I was his age, I didn't. I wouldn't be 22 again for anything. I love life and routine the closer and closer I get to 30. 

My little guy is growing so fast and is so smart. The time is flying by entirely too quickly. 

My Beautiful Boy at 2 Weeks

1 year

2 years

This was a long post full of pictures. I hope you enjoyed my recount of the last couple of weeks. I have some very exciting and handy posts lined up for next week. There will also be more details of the events of the last couple weeks. 

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