Southern Charm Sunday: Invitations

September marks the beginning of event season for me. This is when all those etiquette lessons my mother taught me get super charged. For the rest of the year, Southern Charm Sunday will revolve around events. I will share table settings, manners, lesson on being a great hostess, and lessons on being a great guest. We are starting off with invitation etiquette. 

*Note on invitations: no need for really expensive custom stationary, I have used dollar store invitations before- it is all in the execution!* 

Tips for writing invitations:

  1. Be sure the wording matches the event. You don't want to use formal language with a child's birthday, or vice versa. 
  2. Be sure to include as many details as possible including event location, time, date, host, honorees, gift procedure and registry, and any other vital information. That being said, never include register information on a formal wedding invitation; instead, opt for an insert. 
  3. Be sure to include contact information inside the invitation. (envelopes get tossed)
  4. Make sure you include a return address on the envelope. 
  5. Specify if you require an RSVP and a deadline; as well as how to RSVP. 
  6. If sending a reply card for RSVP, include a stamp- that is just good manners. 
  7. Include a map to event location when possible. 
  8. When possible, hand write addresses on envelopes (return address can be sticker) - it gives a more personalized experience and in the case of wedding etiquette it is bad etiquette. 
  9. Send invitations well in advance to ensure ample planning time. 

Tips for those receiving invitations: 
  1. Always respond in the way designated by the invitation. This is to ensure that the host gets the RSVP.
  2. If a RSVP is requested and you intend to go, it is bad manners to not RSVP.
  3. Do not leave a response on a machine- only verify when speaking to the host. (unless otherwise stated)
  4. Changing a Yes to a No is only acceptable in a handful of circumstances- all of which are unavoidable. Some of these include: sickness, birth, injury, death, and unavoidable conflict. In the event of this, contact the host immediately. Never be a "no-show."
  5. Do not invite others along. If this is a plus-one event, the invitation will include that information. This also goes for children. If children are invited, the invitation will indicate that. If you have house guests at the time of the event, kindly decline the invitation. When you do this, state the reason- the host may decide to extend the invitation to your guests. Do not be offended if this does not occur.
  6. Thank the hosts. I cannot stress this enough. No matter the event a thank you should be extended. Thank them before you leave and again by phone or note the next day. That is just good manners. (This goes for the host as well. Thank your guests!)
That is The Palmetto Queen's invitation etiquette. When you follow etiquette, things go more smoothly. The planets align perfectly!

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