I hate being wasteful!

I'm the person that reuses what I can. I even write lists on the backs of used papers. My one guilty pleasure in the world of disposables is my paper planner- and it is my sanity. I would reuse plastic water bottles that are bought for the work cooler, except that is dangerous- so, yes they get thrown away. Vapur came to my rescue.

My son received this really awesome Vapur Quenchers (Just For Kids) a couple of weeks ago. He is absolutely obsessed with it. It even comes with stickers to customize it- what is more fun than stickers to a toddler?

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he LOVES water!

The prince received Bo, but Vapur is also releasing Fuse, Splash, and Lolli this fall. In 2013, there will even be customization on their site. I am already in love with this company. It doesn't hurt that they are so cute! Of course, they come in adult designs as well.

Some Features of The Vapur Anti-Bottle are:

  1. Flattens and rolls when empty for easy storage
  2. Reusable 
  3. Freezable 
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Amazing lid
  6. Durable construction
  7. Dishwasher safe
  8. BPA free
  9. Made in the USA
I will order more of these for many different purposes: 
  • To keep in my purse/ car
  • Send an extra bottle with the hubby to work
  • Car trips- less trash
  • Running errands- when I empty it, I won't be carrying around my huge water bottle empty!
  • I know that as the monster gets older, I will have even more purposes for them like sports. 
My FAVORITE discovery for Vapur Anti-Bottles: Apple Sauce
My son loves the squeezable apple sauce packs. I hate buying those because there is so much wasted packaging and they aren't as wallet friendly as a jar. I found that I can put apple sauce out of a jar (using a funnel) into the Vapur Anti-Bottle and he doesn't know the difference. I had previously only used the squeeze packs in the car, but now he can have squeeze apple sauce every day! This size is perfect for water, but I would love to see it in an even smaller size for alternate uses. 

My Silly Boy

Vapur- you are doing an amazing thing and I cannot wait to see what products you come up with in the future, like other lunch packing alternatives.  

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and I would have bought my little one an anti-bottle and shared a review anyway! 

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