Fighting a Losing Battle or Am I Actually Making a Difference

I have been a lover of pit bulls for most of my life. For many many years now I have been trying every day to change the image that the world has of the beautiful, brave, and loving dogs.

This is Judge, who we recently lost, with my son
Not a day goes by that I don't share something to help change a mind or step up and say dog fighting and BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) are wrong. Some days I feel like I have actually changed a mind. Then, something like this happens.
Yes, that is a dog fight at a club. Yes, those are Heineken banners in the background. How can I make a difference when Heineken has a part in this.

At first, I thought, is this real? This picture is not photoshopped. What do I do? Well, naturally I take my frustrations to twitter.

Now, I should give you some insight to my past. I have worked with big brands like Heineken on events before. Venues have to sign contracts stating that their  branded items will not be used in conjunction with any other events. They even usually have a brand advocate on site to ensure that things like this do not happen and that proper protocol is used.

Now back to this issue. I have done research on this and found out some disturbing information. This started with my Google search for "is dog fighting legal in Mongolia." I was actually shocked by what it returned. The entire front page of the results were involving Heineken.

Not only did I find out that dog fighting is in fact legal in Mongolia, but I found some shocking news about Heineken. There are some odd "coincidences" that lead me to believe that Heineken did know about this dog fight BEFORE the event.

  1. The brewery/ distributor for this particular night club happens to be in the same town as the night club where the "event" took place. 
  2. This was not a small event, it had international attendees and was advertised. 
  3. This is not the first time Heineken has been called out by animal rights groups. They were also asked to justify their sponsorship for bullfights in Portugal in 2008. 
  4. Heineken released a statement that the company  "is not and would never knowingly be associated with illegal activities, including those involving cruelty to animals." However, dog fighting is legal in Mongolia. This statement is useless Heineken. 
Here is what I have concluded. I am still unsure about if I believe Heineken didn't sponsor the event- how many times have companies lied to cover their tracks. I am certain that they were aware of the event before it happened. I am also certain that they knew about it before the images reached social media. 

I know that the damage to these dogs cannot be undone, but Heineken can make a difference. They can release a statement about dog fighting, not just this event. They can speak out against this cruelty and do something to make a difference. Do something to make those of us who fight for these dogs feel like our efforts are not being stomped by big companies like Heineken. 

I may not be able to make a difference in the face of a company like them, but I will not give up until there are no more dog fights and no more cruelty. These are the images I want seen every day of Pit Bulls. 

The breed's history as a family dog: Helen Keller had a pit bull. Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote "Little House on the Prairie," owned one, too.

Petey from Little Rascals
Source: via Rhonda on Pinterest

This is my MIL and Judge, the sweetest dog I ever met! 

You can see more about my love for the Pit Bulls here.

Thank you for sharing your information! Also, a big thanks to those that have written about this absurdity and shared the photos to raise awareness. 


  1. I'm so disgusted by Heineken. And not even to cop to it and apologize? Their beer is nasty anyway. I'm not a big pet person myself, but I've always believed that animals need someone to be their voice since they can't speak out for themselves. I think they're lucky to have you in their corner.

    Found you via SITS

  2. Thank you very much! I look at my new pup and think "you could have been there" and it just breaks my heart!

  3. Are you serious?? Do you have any idea how many events are sponsored by Heineken?? And you believe they send a representative to all of these really??? Furthermore do you honestly believe that a brand such as Heineken would ever risk sponsoring such an event, taking into account what kind of impact it could have if this reaches social media! It just doesn't make sens what you are saying absolute none sense! Maybe you should become friends with a chap named Wayne Baldie he has similar conspiracy theories! PS I'm in no way associated with Heineken and this is MY opinion!