Southern Charm Sunday: Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy

Not only am I back from not posting Southern Charm Sundays for a couple of weeks, but its time to get back to traditional etiquette. I just love etiquette and I'm ready for fall and winter, which means family gatherings and dinner parties. It is important that children learn manners and proper table etiquette. There is formal and not so formal etiquette, depending on the situation.

One of the things I have struggled with the most is getting my son to sit at the table. Eating dinner at the table is very important to me, its the way I grew up. We always had family dinner (besides the rare occasion that we had a movie night with pizza on the living room floor!) That is easier said than done. With today's hectic schedules and timing, we don't always eat dinner together. So, sometimes teaching the prince to eat at the table is a little difficult.

I have found a solution to this though. I was contacted by Copy-Kids about reviewing their DVD with kids eating vegetables. The DVD highlights toddlers and preschoolers enjoying their favorite vegetables. It is absolutely adorable!  I'm not the only mom who thinks so, either!

What I did was this:
We were having an especially difficult dinner time, so I set up the DVD in my laptop, set it on the table, and turned it on. The little guy was having so much fun watching the other kids eat, he forgot that he would rather be playing and running around the house like a wild man. He ate his dinner and wanted more, which is a very rare incident. Now, he even loves bell peppers!


Even though I am a huge advocate of etiquette and think it is one of the most important things we can teach our children, making sure they eat healthy comes first. I am able to teach him to eat at the table and eat his vegetables without a battle every night. Also, children learn best from other children. Its not just eating vegetables that my little guy is learning from these children on the video. He is also learning communication skills because he talks back to them. He is still learning table manners. The children in the video have obviously been taught manners. I love this. 

Colorado Mountain Mom review of Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables

So, if you struggle to get your children to eat, this is a perfect solution! Kids want to copy other kids, so why not let them watch other children eating! 

Here's another tip: follow Copy-Kids on Pinterest for great tips and tricks! 

The people at Copy-Kids have graciously offered a copy of Copy-Kids: Eat Fruits and Vegetables to one lucky reader! 

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  1. It wouldn't let me comment... I have a very very picky child so much that had to go on nutritional supplement