My Search for the Perfect Drink: Zebra Martini

I love a good glass of wine or champagne. I even love a really great beer. Girly frozen drinks even have their place. Some days demand a yummy margarita or even a shot of tequila. 

BUT, this post isn't about all of my favorite ways to partake in nectar. This post is about my search for the perfect martini. 

I had indulged in a few martinis, but they were nothing to get excited over. That is, until I started working at a resort. I would occasionally waitress and host on the weekends. One night after work, my boss asked me if I liked martinis. My response was something along the lines of "eh..." She was shocked and proceeded to make me an amazing classic martini. PERFECTION!

After that, the love affair began. After work, we would experiment with different recipes and unwind after 12 hour shifts of running drinks. I learned the art of making martinis (along with other cocktails) and I still love a great martini. My favorite was the Zebra Martini (recipe after.)

I have had all kinds of martinis and have rarely found one I didn't like. I have my favorites among all the categories. One of my all time favorites is the Cosmo at Ted's Montana Grill in Atlanta. 

My friends even know about my obsession and have introduced me to some amazing creations and products. I know most love Grey Goose vodka, but nothing compares to Pravda (Thanks to my amazing aunt for introducing me to that one.)

I have even dreamed of a Champagntini, but have yet to find one. 

With this all being said, I have great news for you! Because I love the art of cocktail creation, I am going to start sharing them with you. Every month (if not more often), I will share with you a southern style cocktail. 

I am also on the hunt for the perfect Cari-Tini. (Maybe this should be a contest- what do you think?) I will share that journey with you as well. 

Let's kick off this project with the Zebra Martini. It may not be southern, but it is preppy, so that counts, right? 

Zebra Martini

1 ounce vanilla vodka
1 ounce which chocolate liqueur
1 ounce butter schnapps
1 shot espresso
chocolate syrup
optional whipped cream 

1. Stripe martini glass with chocolate syrup
2. Combine alcoholic ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice
3. Strain into glass
4. Shake espresso with ice
5. Strain into center of glass
6. Garnish with a little whipped cream

This is such a yummy drink- you should try it today, as in right now! 

Remember: Do not drink and drive. Keep this alcohol tester on hand, just in case. 

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