10 Tips for Traveling With Toddlers

The family went on a short kind of last minute vacation last week and it was a blast. We all really needed a get away and to relax. It was nice to get away from every day life. I made my hubby proud, I didn't even work while  we were gone.

Ms Pac-Man is my favorite game ever!

We went to the bear zoo- This is an Asiatic Bear. It was catching treats in its mouth!

My little fish!

The Prince beat his daddy at Air Hockey

A grist mill with the honey!

Looking at rocks like daddy showed him!
 Since this was the little guy's first trip, and it was a success, I am going to share some tips.

1. If your little one has a favorite toy or blanket, give it to him/ her in the car- the ride will go much smoother.

2. If you are changing elevation, let them drink something so their ears will not pop.

3. Get a new toy for the car and hotel room, something new will hold their interest longer.

4. T actually plays with with the dogs on a dog bed at home and loves it. He even tries to take a nap on it, so we got him his own for the trip.

5. Make sure to do things that will be of interest to your toddler. My little guy loves animals and video games. We visited the Bear Zoo and took several walks to the arcade.

6. No matter how long you will be gone, make a list for what needs to be packed for the trip- I do this for day trips as well. Or, I will forget something.

7. Even if you plan on eating out the whole time you are gone, pack your little one's favorite snacks- it will be more like home!

8. Be sure to pack a separate bag for in the car. Even if it is just a few hours, you never know if you will need a change of clothes, extra toys, or extra water.

9. I won this cooler pouch and used it on the trip. I kept his squeeze apple sauce cold in it. I also added in a few baby wipes and a little lotion to keep cool. My little guy gets hot.

10. Make a list for what you need to remember to bring home. Whatever you do, do not forget your son's security blanket in the hotel room- yes, I am the worst mother ever!

I hope these tips help! I will be bringing you more tips later in the year. If all goes as planned I will be visiting my Mother in Florida *fingers crossed*

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