Tech Etiquette 101: Digital Thank You Notes

From my very first post on Southern Charm Sunday, I have come to realize that my own personal policy on thank you notes needs updating. 
Thanking people is something that I always do. "Thank You" was also my son's first phrase. I am a major advocate of thank you notes, though I will admit that I have been slack at times with this. I also have a bad habit of writing out thank you notes, addressing them, sticking them in my bag, and forgetting to actually mail them. 
to solve this problem, I have started taking a different approach to thank you notes. There are many times that I think it is acceptable to send a digital note. Here are some ideas on how to implement a digital thank you note. 

1. Thank someone publicly. 
  • Tweet a thank you
  • Publish a thank you on their Facebook Wall
  • Make them a video and post it to YouTube
  • Write a blog post about them
2. Send a heartfelt letter via email.

3. Send a digital note thanking them (These sites are all free)
Remember: These are times to always send a traditional Thank You note!
  • If a formal invitation was sent
  • Formal event such as a wedding, baby shower, congratulatory event, graduation, or in response to another major life event.
  • When thanking someone for helping with a major project, such as planning an event or hosting a dinner party. 
  • My rule of thumb for this: The ore personal the reason for the thank you is, the more likely a traditional thank you is in order. 

Click to see your special thank you!

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  1. I love thank you cards, and I must admit, I have been so busy, I haven't gotten to them. My Pastor asked us last week to thank someone that has made an impact in your life. I was able to get them a thank you by email. not my first choice, but at least I was able to do it right away.

  2. I think that if we take the time to put real effort into it and make it special in one way or another, that is just fine. Its the thought that counts! I have a problem with buying cards- I just love them!