Random Acts of Kindness

Growing up in South Carolina, I am no stranger to having a door held open for me, or someone calling me "ma'am" - I wouldn't say I expect it, but it always shocked me when someone didn't do it...
... Until recently.

It seems that these small acts of kindness and compassion are few and far between these days. 
I don't know if it is the digital age showing its ugly face or if people are just too busy to care. 
Maybe the gallant generation is dying out. I really hope not. 

These every day little things that are so rare now truly make my day. My husband has always held the door for me. Even now after being together for 6 years, if he is around, I don't open doors. When out shopping, he carries the prince across the parking lot, yet still holds the door open for me. I am married to a gentleman. 

I adore that car commercial (I think its Volkswagen) that the people in it are doing nice things for each other and at the end, it rewinds until someone sees the car and smiles. 

I have a challenge for you today. 
In the next week, do one random act of kindness! It can be something as simple as holding a door, or as complex as paying for someone's coffee in the line behind you. 

Its not hard and can be free- but the rewards are great. 

Please, do something kind. Don't let the gallant age die out. 
After you do, come tell me about it, and tell me how you felt. 

Need some inspiration? Check these sites!

I LOVE YOU CARDS- I will be ordering mine soon. Or, maybe I'll make my own.
366 Random Acts of Kindness I am contemplating making a "Random Acts of Kindness Bucket List"


  1. Fantastic idea, girl!! Will let you know!

  2. Cannot wait to hear all about it!

  3. I like the idea of the bucket list. My hubby holds the door and it surprises me when I go into a store when someone doesn't do it.

  4. I love those little things like that, but they are the things that matter and that we will always remember. I will be sure to post my bucket list when I finish. I wold love to see yours!