My Wallet: Initials, Inc.

I promised you on Monday that I would share more about Initials, Inc- as part of my online party. 
Today, I am sharing with you one of my favorite products EVER!

I have always been a fan of huge, clutch like wallets; I like being able to house all wallet things plus a few things that aren't - like my keys and a lip balm. This worked for running to the store, or even to dinner. It even worked really well when I had my son- I could throw my mega wallet in the diaper bag, and I was set. 

After we got rid of the diaper bag, this didn't work so well. I very rarely have an extra hand for my wallet. It took me a while to figure out exactly what wasn't working. Finally, I just ordered one. I got this beauty from Initials, Inc

This is called the "Tech Wallet" in "link" - I think it is just beautiful. I love that its a wristlet. No hands needed!

It looks tiny, but ALL of this stuff came out of it!

I actually keep this (yes, and an anti-bac wipe) in the front snap pocket. It makes it much easier to get to my license and bank card. Inside it, I keep my multi-tool, a pen, insurance cards, and other random things I need. 

This was definitely worth the $25 spent. I LOVE it, and will never be without one again. If you like this print, you better hurry- it is being discontinued! 

Disclaimer: I have not been influenced to write this post by Initials, Inc. I am simply hosting an online party this week and next! 

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