Happy Anniversary to my Knight

I'm sure you guys can tell from my lack of posts, but things have gotten slightly hectic in my neck of the woods. Between Junes always being crazy, my birthday, being sick, and all of my many many projects, I've gotten slightly behind. I'll get you guys all caught up. 

1. My birthday was last week. I turned 28, I'm not really enjoying being this close to 30- but for different reasons than you might think- more on that later. 
I like to call my birthday Queen Cari Day- why not? 

2. I started a new project (surprised?). Whirl is Work at Home Information, Resources, and Lifestyle. This is a project to allow those of us who work at home to connect, support each other, find jobs, and  manage everything. This is a huge project which I will share more of later. 

3. Today is my anniversary. The knight and I married two years ago, and I couldn't possibly be happier. I love him and the prince with all of my heart. 

I'm out of my funk and I'm not sick any longer, so I will be posting better now! 

Have a great day ya'll!

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