30 Before 30

I may not be very organized lately, but generally I am very organized and list driven. I make lists for everything. I even make a list of lists I need to make. It is kind of obsessive.

As many of you know, I turned 28 earlier in the month. As I get closer to being 30, I realize that there are so many things I thought I would have accomplished by now- but, life happens. 

Here are the thirty things I would like to do before I turn 30. 

1. For the Me and the Mr to buy a house. 

2. Have my book written and published. 

3. Have the children's book I wrote published. 

4. To have a local aspect of my business. 

5. To paint something for my mom.

6. Read the top 10 novels of all time.

7. Travel to New Orleans. 

8. Learn to build wordpress themes. 

9. Dance in the Rain.

10. Run a marathon.

11. Learn to pole dance- I think it would be fun! 

12. Learn burlesque (one of my obsessions)

13. Get in shape.

14. Wear a bikini.

15. Speak at a conference.

16. Record a song. 

17. Sing on stage again (Its been almost 10 years)

18. Take my son to Disney World.

19. Have a drink named after me. 

20. Buy a good suit.

21. Create a recipe for the perfect good for the soul soup. 

22. Become a Notary. 

23. Learn how to decorate a cake

24. Take an event planning class

25. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself

26. Start an etiquette school for young girls and boys.

27. Organize and back up my computer files.

28. Take a massage therapy class.

29. Be the subject of a pin up photo shoot.

30. Have breakfast at Tiffany's for my 30th birthday!

They are not all exciting, but they are all things I have my heart set on doing! 

What is your next milestone? Do you have things you want to have done by then?


  1. Fantastic list Cari, and you can do them all! It has inspired me to make a before the big "50" list. thanks

  2. Oh 25, 26 27, are ones I relate too,. I almost started a kids etiquette class. I researched it and everything. 

  3. I have SO many:)  I'm going to use this as inspiration for my "happy anniversary" post!!  You have a lot of great goals.  Being 40, I've done a lot of them myself, so I know what i"m talking about:)

  4. Thank you mom! I can't wait to read yours!

  5. I think it would be great! My mom taught classes at our church- but I would like to go beyond that and combine really classic deb style etiquette with modern life (if that makes sense)

  6. We are kindred spirits Sylver!

  7. Go YOU! Happy Anniversary!