Yes, I AM Mom Enough!

not mom enough!!!The issue of Time magazine pictured here was recently released in response to a "popular" parenting trend that is "attachment parenting." I am not going into my thoughts on this trend. I'm not quite ready to tell the world how I feel about THAT! I do however want to share with you how it made me feel. I am a mom and I love my son more than anything. I am not an "attachment parent," does that make me a bad mom? No, I DON'T THINK SO! The internet has yielded great responses to this cover. I think more than anything else, Time Magazine has caused a strong unity between moms. A unity that screams "I raise my children the best I know how, that makes me mom enough!" I have seen many visual reminders that we are "mom enough," and will share some below. 

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Well Time Magazine, here is my response to you! 

10 reasons why I AM MOM ENOUGH!!!

1. I am mom enough to not judge other parents on their parenting style. 
2. I am mom enough to do what I believe is best for MY child and know that not all children are the same. 
3. I am mom enough to nurture my relationship with my husband and ensure that we have alone time so that my son grows up in a happy, healthy home. This may mean being a "bad parent" in your eyes, but my son sleeps in his own bed. 
4. I am mom enough to sit in the floor and color with my son- even if I do look childish doing it- it makes him happy. 
5. I am mom enough to know which lullaby calms my little prince down in the first two words. 
6. I am mom enough to remember that my family is who matters, not magazine editors.
7. I am mom enough to stay up all night with a screaming baby, and still smile with him the next day. 
8. I am mom enough to know in my very core when something is wrong. 
9. I am mom enough to stand up for my child and my abilities as a mother to ANYONE, even huge magazines. 
10 I am mom enough to feed my child the way that it needed to be done. I was not able to continue nursing after my son was a week old. I made a choice between my life and my pride. I chose life so that I could see him grow up and kiss his bumps and bruises. I chose formula because it was what he needed. It was the hardest decision I have EVER made, but it was the right one. 

Time Magazine, the way we feed our children and the way we arrange our beds is not how good parents are defined. The love we have inside of us for our children is what makes us good parents. The next time you want to publish something controversial, don't question our abilities as parents- you will get this reaction once again. 


  1. Thank god I have old enough children to not even care what other people think.  I have five kids... and until recently REALLY REALLY worried about what other people would think... because we did NOT do things in the "right" way... in ANYBODY'S book.  And yet, at the ages of 11, 14, 16, 17 and 20, I am THRILLED with how my children have turned out.  I have kept with the philosophy that I know my kids.  I know that they are not all the same.  I know that the one "right" thing for the first, second or fourth is NOT always going to be the same.  I don't need a book to tell me how to raise my children, I just need the awareness that they are all different.  They all have different love languages, they all have different needs... and no one is going to cower me into worrying if I fit the mold of ANYONE... anymore.

    But really, when I was younger, this cover would have made me doubt my choices.  I still would have come out where I did, but I don't think that sensationalism does anything other than sell magazines... and in that, they were spot on.  If you can get the people that love you to read.. that is one thing, but if you can get the people who hate you to read???? and be SO divisive that even the apathetic comment... damn.  That's some good marketing.  Has NOTHING to do with parenting, but wow... good marketing. Thank you, but no, I'll raise my child on common sense.  TIME magazine, you get my vote for good marketing, you lose my vote for furthering the divisiveness between moms.

  2. That's the thing that I wish more parents would understand- no 2 children are alike. I agree that it was a good marketing ploy, but it disappointed me. I used to buy every issue of Time- it was one of my favorite magazines. I still own a few very historical copies. However, it will probably be a while before I buy another one. They have forgotten one of the biggest parts of marketing. It boils down to "customer service" - when they saw the outcry of mothers, they did nothing.  

  3. April Mobley StandridgeMay 25, 2012 at 4:18 AM

    I love your post hon. I've always said you never really know if your doing it right to you realize you've done something wrong. Do you think Time gets it? What different people the three of you would be if every answer had been the same when each one asked the same questions. 

  4. Thanks mom! You're right, we are each very different and you handled each situation differently. I am so thankful that you knew that each child is different. Thanks for being an amazing mom!