Life... It happens.

I will admit that the last couple of weeks I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. I don't know about you, but the end of May/ beginning of June is always CRAZZZY for me. (Queen Cari Day is next week!) 

I have been super busy with all of my projects and have some really amazing things lined up for you guys- including the relaunch of (YAY!) 

I have some giveaways and guest posts lined up. There will also be all kinds of fun things going on in my neck of the woods, and I promise to share lots and lots of photos. (How can I resist the little guy is just so gosh darn cute). 

I also took the time to finally finish reading my mom's book. It is truly amazing! She is such a talented woman. She will be stopping by sometime soon to share some art tips for kids. 

I will also be doing another vlog soon and showcasing my new blonde hair. It actually looks pretty great! 

The winner of the business cards will be chosen to tomorrow, so be sure to enter. 

Its going to be a fabulous summer here at The Palmetto Queen, so be sure to follow along. 

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