The Hidden Recycler Plus a Giveaway! (With The Air Force Wife)

In the spirit of organizing, I am using the washing machine as my desk today! 
(Of course my little man is potty training, so the washer helped)

Today, I am showcasing an amazing product by Rubbermaid. A few weeks ago, I received a Hidden Recycler to test out. I am truly amazed. This product will be the answer to many of my organizing problems. I accumulate an insane amount of paper, but I don't like the clutter of recycling bins in the house. Call me strange, but I don't want that to be what everyone sees. I would much rather show off my collection of bees in the kitchen. It also helps that even though it is housed in a cabinet, it is a beautiful product. The great part about this is that although you would have to mount it with screws, you could place it somewhere other than a cabinet. 

Time to install: It is a lot simpler than it would seem. There are directions included. No tools required (which is handy because my husband gets nervous when I use power tools). 

What I love about the Hidden Recycler: 
  • It is compact, yet roomy (The 5 gallon bag is large enough for a milk jug and will hold 36 12-ounce cans)
  • The bag and packaging are made from recycled materials. You can even recycle it when you no longer have a need for it- but is that really going to happen?
  • The bag is washable and leak proof
  • The bag and handle can be removed for carrying to a larger recycling location.
  • It is versatile- it can be used anywhere, not just in a cabinet

What is inconvenient about it
  • There is only one thing that was inconvenient for me is that the lid is large. We have narrow cabinets. I have to fidget with it to get the doors to close. However, that is okay because the other factors outweigh this one drawback. 

I am truly impressed with this Hidden Recycler. At a srp of $15.99, I will be buying more. I have a couple of other purposes I would like to use it for. 
  • A hamper for my bathroom counter
  • A recycler for my mobile office launch pad
  • Possibly even a trash can for my vanity. 
Every home could benefit from several of these. 

Need more organizing tips? Visit Rubbermaid's Adventures in Organizing Blog

The best part: Rubbermaid is giving one of these amazing Hidden Recyclers to one of my lucky readers.
My friend Rachel at The Air Force Wife also has one to give away! 

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Disclosure: I received the product in exchange for my review. The opinions are my own and were not influenced by Rubbermaid.


  1. What a great product! Im going to have to look for these, unless I win ;)


  2. Good going Rubbermaid. I'm a bit of a tidy nut, so I recycle pretty much two times a day.

  3. Yay! This is AMAZING!!! I LOVE it. Great idea. Like you, I don't want to just have trash/recycling bins sitting around everywhere. This is a great idea.

    1. :D It would go perfect for a new house...