News For The Week: Courage Cakes and A Poem About Me!

Anyone who followed along with the Misfit Monday Bloghop visited my dear friend Rachel at The Air Force Wife.  She is what her blog title says. She is an extremely proud Air Force wife that wants nothing more than to live a happy life with her husband, encourage other military spouses, and raise awareness for military issues. One of those issues happens to be encouraging Americans to support our soldiers. Being the grand-daughter to an Air Force man, I have always supported the soldiers. It doesn't matter if you agree with the war or not, Our soldiers are risking their lives so that we can continue in the lifestyle we are accustomed to. If you ask me, that is the definition of bravery. (Shout out to our heroes at home too, but that is for another post) 

Today, Rachel wrote about Courage Cakes. This is an amazing company founded by 6 college students to give back to our soldiers. They are cake mixes packaged in the cutest little jar to be sent to a loved one (or purchased for yourself). All they need to be cooked is a little water and a microwave. Its pure genius. The best part about it- when you purchase one, they pledge to send one to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude packages and sends care packages to soldiers around the world. I cannot say enough how delicious this idea is. (Rachel says they taste delicious as well). 

Rachel has teamed up with Courage Cakes to give two of her readers a chance to try out these amazing cakes in a jar. Head on over to The Air Force Wife for a chance to win. 

Other big news:
As many of you know, my mother's book will be coming out May 5th (so soon). I am helping her with getting everything set up, scheduling her book tour, and marketing. I even had the opportunity to create the logo for her new publishing imprint, Econfina Press. She dedicated her book to me, which of course, made me cry.

I have been encouraging her to share her poems, many of which have previously been published, on her blog. This week she surprised me with sharing a very special poem with the world. She wrote this particular one to me for my 18th birthday, just after my high school graduation. She put it in the local newspaper. Although I have been in the newspaper several times, I was more honored at this appearance than any other. My mother is amazing, and you guys should definitely give her a visit and read the poem she wrote to me. 

I am also going to brag a big more. Here is my favorite painting of hers. I believe she did this one about 20 years ago. I remember watching her paint it and missing living there.
When she paints one for me, I will be sure to share it as well.

Okay, That is my bragging for the week. Be sure to visit The Air Force Wife and my mom!